UMIS project

The UMIS project is an artistic research project conducted at the Hamburg University for Music & Drama (HfMT Hamburg). The acronym UMIS stands for Unified Musical Instrument Surfaces: the project´s goal is to enhance the original Hexenkessel´s prototype and to transfer its technological basis into a wider range of musical applications.

The project is funded for three years by Hamburg´s ministry for science, research & equalization (Behörde für Wissenschaft, Forschung & Gleichstellung, BWFG HH). During the first two years of the ongoing project various milestones in the development of the Hexenkesssel could be achieved. Additionally the technology was transferred into the little Hexenkesselchen and several software-components could be used for the realisation of an interactive floor-projection system.

The different innovations were interconnected for the disco-installation disse_2.0, allowing various instrumentalists to collectively interact with a large scale music creation setup within HfMT´s 288-channel wavefieldsynthesis system.

Accompanying the UMIS project I am teaching a class at the HfMT in order to enable students to work with the newly developed hyper-instruments. The student works are presented in an annual concert series.

UMIS workshop @ HfMT