pneumatrix (2008)

For pneumaticially prepared discKlavier & DJ

Since John Cage the piano is often prepared and played from within. When working with a player-piano such as the Yamaha Disklavier it seems logical to also develop an automatic preparation setup. This was done using several discarded industrial pneumatic modules and additional vibrating objects. For the piece pneumatrix this Instrument was controlled by a set of DJ-turntables playing time-code vinyls. As musical material different historic tools for algorithmic composition were employed: G. M. Koenigs´s Projekt 1 (1964), K. Barlow´s Autobusk (1986) and the program M by J. Chadabe & D. Zicarelli (1984). As contemporary counterpart the software Ludwig was utilised. Using DJ-techniques the material was rearranged in the performance creating a unique musical performance – turning the disklavier into a discKlavier.