licht & hiebe (2010)

For Hexenkessel, live-electronics & dmx-lights

The Hexenkessel (witch’s cauldron) is an augmented musical instrument, combining a classical orchestral timpani with multi-touch tracking technology and embedded video projection. Unlike traditional acoustic instruments, where sound production is inseparably linked to the physical construction, the Hexenkessel acts as a gestural interface for computer music, controlling live-electronics, sound synthesis and even stage-lighting, without affecting the original sound and functionality of the timpani. The initial prototype was realised in a 21” timpani from the 1960s. After six month of tedious experiments with different systems for projection and mallet-tracking I succeeded in putting together a stage- proof setup that was publicly premiered with the composition Licht & Hiebe in 2010. In 2011 the instrument was shipped to the U.S. as submission to the Margaret Guthman New Instruments Competition in Atlanta. In this international competition for innovative musical instruments the Hexenkessel was awarded the algorithm award.

For a closer look on the Hexenkessel click here.