disse_2.0 (2016)

For Hexenkessel v2, doublebass, flute, interactive floor & wfs-soundsystem

Disse_2.0 is an interactive performance playground & disco-installation. This setup features the latest developments of the UMIS-project: The new Hexenkessel merges with an interactive floor-projection system, especially created as final concert / party at the Sound & Music Computing conference (SMC) 2016 in Hamburg.

Four networked computers (plus another 4 for the wfs-rendering) are utilized to build this futuristic system for real-time creation of dancefloor music and control of 360° spatialization within a 288-channel wavefieldsynthesis soundsystem.

Stefan Weinzierl: Hexenkessel
Benjamin Holzapfel: Doublebass
Mira Kempf: Flute