Jacob Sello (*1976) is composer, inventor, musicologist, sound engineer and teacher. As artist he creates environments for instrumentalists to playful interact with digital systems in multimedia stage-performances. Pieces for clarinette driven RC-helicopters or DJ-controlled pneumaticially prepared disklavier are the outcome.  After his education as audio engineer (SAE 1998), he studied Multimedia Composition at HfMT Hamburg (M.A. 2011) and Systematic Musicology at the University Hamburg (M.A. 2007, PhD 2014). Jacob is the developer of the Hexenkessel, a modified timpani where the drumhead is transformed into a tangible user interface without affecting the timpani´s original functionality. For this invention he was awarded the Algorithm Award at the 2011 Margartet Guthman New Musical Interfaces Competition in Atlanta. Since 2014 he is directing the artistic research project UMIS (Unified Musical Instrument Surfaces) at the HfMT Hamburg, funded for three years by the Hamburg Ministry for science, research and equalization. The goal is to further optimize the Hexenkessel and transfer its technological basis into a broad range of intermedial applications to be presented on stage.