For two decades I have been bringing some of my crude musical idea´s into reality. Usually for each piece custom soft- and hardware is being developed. Programming, building things and soldering components are central elements of my artistic creation process.

My pieces usually consist of multiple layers of media – sound, visuals, lights, people – interconnected by means of sensor-based interactivity. Often it´s hard to decide if my work should be labeled as music or art or interactive multimedia art for stage performance and installation…  – I refer to it as intermedia art, keeping things simple.

I am interested in new stuff – I usually try to avoid doing things twice. I´m not interested in copying myself (or others). But turninng new ideas into stage-proof tools takes a while – that´s probably the reason for my new-piece-rate being rather low. However, on these pages you´ll find some documentation material of past and recent activities in the artistic field.